Portable Bidets vs Traditional Lotas

The world of personal hygiene and cleanliness has seen its own evolution throughout history. Two of these developments, the modern bidet, specifically the electric bidet known as a 'Shatafa', and the traditional teapot-like object called a 'Lota', have been at the center of these changes. Today, we will be comparing these two items, and finding out the superior choice between them.

The Traditional Lota

Traditionally, a Lota is a simple, teapot-like object made of brass, copper, or plastic used in various cultures around the world, especially in South and Southeast Asia for personal hygiene.

  • Reliable
  • Cheap
  • Easy to use
  • No power source required

But, the Lota has its downsides too:

  • Hard to get the right angles
  • Requires manual usage
  • Need to wash, then wipe with tissues multiple times to get clean
  • Less hygienic due to further contact
  • Water flow is uncontrollable, so causes the bathroom floor to get wet

The Modern Shatafa

On the other side of this debate is the modern, electric bidet, 'Shatafa', which we have available in a few models: the 'Shatafa Portable Bidet', and its more advanced counterpart, the 'Shatafa Pro'. These are cutting-edge portable bidets, that offer numerous advantages over the traditional lota system.

The Shatafa Portable Bidet is the brand's most budget bidet and is battery-powered. It has 2 spray modes: high and low.

More advanced is the Shatafa Pro. This is our flagship model. It has a large-capacity bottle, USB-C charging, with a battery life of 30-days. It has 2 spray intensities, high and low. And it also has a crown that allows you to control the spread of water, from concentrated to spread-out.

From the superior battery life to the control offered by the spread of water, the Shatafa models clearly offer an upgrade to the traditional Lota approach. They bring the convenience of modern technology to personal hygiene while being environmentally responsible as they save water.

Today, we will analyze these two hygienic paradigms so that you are well equipped to make an informed decision about which one to feature in your bathroom.

Comparing the Two: Bidets vs Lotas

Now, let's delve deeper into the peculiarities and differences between these two cleanliness tools.

Functionality and Efficiency

A Lota, as simple as it is, carries out its function reasonably well. It's a familiar tool integrated into the daily routines of many. Its ease of handling and the absence of mechanical parts make it less likely to break down or require replacement.

Nonetheless, the Lota falls behind when it comes to efficiency. It requires more water to wash completely, and is less precise than an electric bidet. The Shatafa Portable Bidet, for example, is designed with a high and low spray mode to provide comfort tailored to your need.

Shatafa Pro goes an extra mile with its large capacity bottle, two spray intensities and a crown that allows you to control the spread of water, offering ground-breaking efficiency in personal hygiene.

Modernity and Innovation

Shatafa's electric bidets prove innovation is king. With a simple push of a button, you can enjoy a thorough, customizable, and thoroughly refreshing cleaning experience. USB-C charging in Shatafa Pro makes it even more user-friendly and adaptable to modern life.

Sustainability and Environment

To make an informed decision, it is crucial to consider the environmental footprint of your choice. Lotas, being essentially low tech, have a minimal impact on the environment. However, they are often not optimized for water efficiency.

On the contrary, Shatafa bidets not only take care of an individual's personal hygiene but also pay attention to the health of our planet. They optimize water usage, ensuring that every drop is effectively used while maintaining superior cleaning!

The Verdict

Choosing between a Lota and an electric bidet ultimately comes down to personal preference. The Shatafa Pro and Shatafa Portable Bidet unquestionably have more features and offer a more convenient and luxurious hygiene experience.

In conclusion, while Lotas have served us for generations and continue to have their use and charm, the electric bidets, particularly our portable Shatafas, make convincing promises of better hygiene, advanced functionalities, and eco-friendliness. With their advent, the future of personal hygiene is undeniably here.

Think you're ready to make the switch? Visit our product collection to find the Shatafa model that suits your lifestyle and hygiene requirements.

Happy clean living!

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